Monday Mashup: Keeping up with Facebook

I have 5 posts for you today, all about Facebook, but all with something unique to offer.

Why (according to Mashable) Facebook will never charge its users

You might have seen the chain letter going around Facebook, claiming that Facebook will start charging. Just like the other times rumors like this have spread, it’s not true. This story explains why it might not even be in Facebook’s best interests to ever charge their users.

How to get your Facebook Timeline before everyone else

If Facebook Timelines haven’t already been activated on your account, you can skip ahead in line with this handy trick. This is also the article to check out if you’re not sure what Facebook Timelines are.

10 Facebook Timeline designs that will blow you away

Now that you have a Facebook Timeline, thanks to the link above, you might be looking for inspiration to help make yours stand out. Here some ideas that just might get the creative juices flowing.

Filling in the gaps in the Time Before Facebook

You might notice, after activating your timeline, that there are some apparent gaps in your life. Unless you were born after Facebook, your life’s story probably starts with you being born, and then many years later, finally managing to make some friends. This article discusses whether or not it could be worth your time to fill in the gaps and set Facebook straight.

Is Facebook getting too complicated?

This one might be obligatory, but more than the usual moping, this article offers some ideas on why Facebook is constantly changing. Personally, I’m a fan of Kevin Rose’s theory that they sometimes switch things up just so we never get too used to the current design. That way, it’s never too much of a shock when they want to try something radically innovative.

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