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Belated Funny Friday: Could Walter the Wizard be Power On’s new mascot?

I didn’t really find anything that funny this last Friday, so instead of posting junk, I posted nothing. Now I’ve got something that may just be bad enough to be funny.

My distant cousin, Walter, got kicked out of Hogwarts due to accusations that he…*gasp*…was actually a muggle. It’s not true of course, but now he’s looking for a job and is thinking he might want to be the official mascot for Power On. Let us know what you think!

Milestone version of iOS (the fundamental software for Apple devices) will be released sometime today

For those with an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch (3G), or any iPad, today is your lucky day. A new milestone version of iOS is coming out today, bringing new features, outlined in the video below.

It’s hard to say what time Apple will officially release iOS 5, but if you can’t wait (like me), here’s a neat little trick to let you try it out early. Have fun!