Let’s talk about geeks. What’s the difference between a geek and the rest of us? Here’s how we define it:

Geek: a passionate and voracious learner, obsessed with using tools, both modern and ancient, to live life more fully, and to explore the limits of possibility.

Being a geek is a good thing. Geeks are interesting, because they’re interested. Geeks are powerful, because they never stop asking questions about their technology, systems, and selves. Geeks can do anything, because they can learn anything.

Reading this, you may now be realizing you’ve always been a geek and just never knew it. High-five! Or, you may be thinking, “Wow, that sounds pretty cool/heavy/righteous/groovy. I wish I were a geek.” Well, good news: anyone can be a geek.

You only need 3 things:




The Mindset

The Strategies

The Resources